Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Tenth Dimension

In high school, I loved physics. Physics was math come to life. But quickly, physics gets weird. Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory. All of a sudden, the physical laws that define the world we see no longer apply for some reason. People fault Christianity because of the need for faith--believing without seeing. But some of this stuff seems pretty steeped in faith of some sort.

I found this flash animation a while back, and marveled at how elegantly it described the 10 dimensions of our universe (most theories seem to posit that our universe is defined by 10 dimensions, though others suggest as many as 26).

If you consider the dimensions as they "stack" upon each other, and consider the seemingly contradictory Christian concept of Free Will vs. Pre-Destination, and the fact that God exists outside this 10th dimension and our reality is confined to 4, this all comes together in a weird, yet wonderfully beautiful way.

The 10th Dimension

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Rob Bryanton said...

Hey, thanks for your nice comments about my project. Imagining the Tenth Dimension has been my pet project since I published my book in July 2006, but it's been fascinating to see how the audience for this set of ideas keeps growing and growing!

I've posted a link to your blog entry in the Interesting Links section of my tenth dimension blog.

Enjoy the journey!

Rob Bryanton